Emotionless Goodbyes

When it comes to technology, as a species we really are a bunch of disloyal rat-bags. We’re about as loyal to our  computers, software, phones etc as Premiership footballers are to their wives and girlfriends.

Remember Alta Vista? If you do then you’ll remember it as the search engine you dropped the second Google batted its eyelashes at you. Then when Bing fluttered its eyelashes at you…well…actually, you stayed with Google because Bing looked a bit weird and rambled nonsense whenever you asked it a question. Continue reading “Emotionless Goodbyes”


Jesus is coming, look busy.

If you are held in high-esteem or are in a position of power, it won’t be uncommon in any given day to have your arse licked more than the front end of the human centipede. This has been evident throughout both my personal and professional lives.

Luckily, I have no power.
By this I don’t mean just showing someone respect. If someone has done something well or achieved anything worthwhile, they deserve respect. What I see so often however is actually pandering to every request, judgement, passing comment etc. This isn’t showing respect. To me it’s jumping up and down shouting “Like me! Like me!”.

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Is your website in black and white?

In case you weren’t aware of this, films didn’t used to be in colour.

The fact that a film is in black and white doesn’t detract from the writing, acting, directing or any of the main things that make a film what it is. There are many both brilliant and terrible black and white films.

The disadvantage they have is that their age is immediately apparent.

Does this make the film any worse? No. Does this mean that people are less likely to watch it? Sadly, the answer to this question is often yes.

I have spoken to numerous people who say that they don’t watch black and white films. The reason is primarily because they don’t think they’ll “get it”. To a degree this is a valid point. A lot of the language and references really won’t make sense to younger generations. I personally don’t think this is enough of a reason to not watch them but there is definitely a reasonable logic to it.

The same principle applies to websites and other software.

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Stop Talking Gibberish

One of the biggest challenges we face as software testers is persuading others of the importance and value of testing. Whether we’re talking to company directors, developers, project managers or customers, it is often a struggle.

Of course, many people do already know the importance and value of testing.
Both through the brilliant work of the testing community as well as a changing culture within software development, more and more people are acknowledging how vital it is to the software industry. The problem is that, in my experience, this is normally the minority. Most who I’ve worked with definitely feel that they should have quality assurance in the development process, but a lot don’t tend to understand why.

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So, this guy walks into a website…

You like metaphors, right? Of course you do. Everyone likes metaphors!If you’ve ever read any of my TSG blog entries, you may notice that pubs and beer tend to be a regular subject of reference. I don’t know what that says about me but needless to say, today I shall be taking you with me for a drink in The Metaphor Arms (the name is up for review, suggestions welcome).

Word cloud for Software testing

Anyone Can Be A Tester

If I had a quid for every time I’ve heard a software tester bitch and moan about other people saying “anyone can test software” I would have roughly £13.

OK, on reading that back it doesn’t seem like a massive number but when I’ve heard them say it, there are normally other testers nodding their head or concurring in a “yeah, everyone who isn’t a tester is a dick” kind of way. So give me a break imaginary person judging me.The problem with saying “anyone can test software” to someone who, you know, tests software for a living is that it seemingly devalues the career they’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into progressing.

So I say this to anyone who thinks anyone can do software testing:

You’re right. Have a biscuit.
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